The Association is a non-governmental, non-profit, non political, non religious specialized in the field of studies , scientific publications and recognition of nature, environmental protection Albanian mountain, the mountain climbing, the climbing, the rocky climbing , to skiing, mountain bike, sports in mountain streams, and develops its activities in accordance with Albanian legislation and the provisions of the Statute.


Aims of the Association are defined in principle. Depending on the specific development team leader of the Association shall determine the objectives, roads and concrete tools. Objectives in principle determined by actual needs and perspective of development, cited in paragraph for justification of the Association. Their accomplishment in the context of the activity of the Association shall be made depending on the situations and human and material resources to be available.


Kujtim Onuzi & Juliana Onuzi
Street: Pjeter Bogdani, Pall.20/4, Shk.2, Ap.2/A,
Tirane, Albanien,
Tel: ++355 42 261 827;
Tel+Fax: ++355 42 247 851
Handy: ++355.68 2397202;68 2260034


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