Albanian Alps

The Albanian Alps meet in northern part of Albania and have the clearness boundaries representing the region with highest elevation and more beauty in our country.

They limited at the south from Drini valley (Fierze-Vau i Dejes), at east and northeast from Tropoja basin and at the west they going in Mbishkodres field. At north they continuous out the Albanian territory, direct in Montenegro. The Alps spray for about 60 km in width and 64 km length and lay in a surface about 2020 km2. Toward North their geological and geographical structures go on out of state boundary with Monte Negro.

At South, Albanian Alps going on until to Drini Valley (Fierze-Vau i Dejes zone), at the eastern part and in the south transversal fault Shkoder-Peje divide Alps from others neighbour regions, while in west Alps limited with Mbishkodra Field.

Alps included in the Shkodra, Malesia e Madhe and Tropoja cities, in which live a concentrated population in those communes.

Shkodra City, with a population about 83598 habitants (by population registration of 2001) there is at north of Albania about 100km far from Tirana, the capital of the country, about 110km far from Durresi Port and about 60km at the south of Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro and at the same distance from Bari Port of Montenegro.

Shkodra it is a city near the sea, the lake and mountain, only 32km at south-western part there is Adriatic Sea, (Velipoja Beach). At the north of Shkodra it is mountainous relaxation zone of Albanian Alps where included Razma, Boga, Thethi places.

Shkodra it is a city with a surface about 1500ha, where 1150ha lies in the field and 350ha in the hilly relief. It has a Mediterranean field clime with a summery relatively hot and dry. The winter is not very cold and it is humid.

Rozafa Castel there is in the entry of Shkodra city, surrounding from Buna, Drini and Kiri rivers and Tepes hills from the other part. Perimeter walls are 880 m length and enclosing a surface by 35000 m2. It is the biggest castle in Albania and one of the bigger in Balkan. Between the hundred of stone bridges that protected in our country, the Mesi Bridge is more length and one from the rare monument of this kind. It is unique stone bridge with a curve in Albania that taken of in accordance with ambient and there is 8km at the east of Shkodra city, over the Kiri riverbed.


Communes/Municipalities Persons

Rrethi i Shkodres 185794

Shkoder 83598

Rrethinat 15361

Postribe 8913

Shllak 1213

Pult 2414

Temal 1689

Shosh 1157

Shale 3215



Bajram curri (Tropoja)

Tropoja spread on north-eastern Albania and located at Albanian Alps Zone (Eastern Alps) and Gjakova Mountain. The smaller elevation of zone, 258m, there is at join of Valbona river with Drini river and the highest there is Jezerca with a elevation to 2692m The main Valley of Tropoja region is Valbona Valley. The population of Tropoja district registered at 1985 has been 41 000 habitants, at 1990 were 47 686 habitants, at 1995 arrive to 51 388 habitants. Based at the data from Kukesi Prefecture and INSTAT at 2001 the population of Tropoja is 27 947 habitants where in Bajram Curri town, that lies at the low part of Tropoja basin, living 7 482 habitants. In the villages living 20 465 habitants.

Tropoja District 28 851

B.Curri 6778

Margegaj 3309

Lekbibaj 2718

Bujan 3454

Fierze 2381

Llukaj 2465 ----------------

Byty 2134

Tropoje(Komune) 5612



Kopliku there is at north-western Albania, about 20 km at north of Shkodra. It locates between Shkodra Lake and Albanian Alps Zone (Western Alps). Shkodra Lake represented from 5.4m where the city itself is at 54 m quote.

The population of Malesia e Madhe region registered at 2001 by INSTAT is 36770 habitants, where in Kopliku town, that expanding in lowest part of Kopliku basin, living 3129 habitants.

Kopliku Town is the joining point for eastern guides as it of Boga valley, Shala valley (Thethi) and northern guides as it of Cemi, Vermoshi valleys, mountainous guide of Hoti-Rapsh-Starje.

Malesia e Madhe District 36770

Koplik 3129

Gruemire 9832

Kastrat 8447

Kelmend 4740

Qender 5546

Shkrel 5076